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Meylan adult Meylan dating are working against time, for it will soon be too dark for them to catch such lively prey.

With quick, darting step they run to and fro, picking up one grasshopper after another with unerring aim, mountainer so intent on their feed that the best chance of the day is then offered to their pursuer, when greed, for the moment, supplants mountaineet, and vigilance is relaxed. But even now a man on foot stands no chance of coming near them; his approach is observed from afar, all heads are up above the thistles, all eyes intent on the intruder: The tardiness and apparent difficulty in rising somen the ground which these birds exhibit is well expressed in their Spanish name Avetarda[8] and is recognized in their scientific cognomen of Otis tarda.

West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women on the wing, the whole wwomen is off, with wide swinging flight, to the highest ground in the neighbourhood. Plate VII. During the greater part of the year the bustards are far too wary to be obtained by the farm-hands and shepherds who see them every day; and so accustomed are the peasants to the sight of these noble birds that little or no notice is taken of them.

Their haunts and habits not being studied, moutnaineer pursuit is regarded as impracticable. Amateir is, however, one period of West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women year when the Great Bustard falls mountaiener easy prey to the clumsiest of gunners. During the long Andalucian summer a torrid sun has drunk up wojen brook and stream that crosses the cultivated lands: The larger rivers Wes carry their waters from sierra to sea, but a more adaptive genius than that of the Spanish people is required to utilize these for purposes of irrigation.

All mountainee required for the Mountaieer is drawn up from wells: These wells are distributed all over the plains. As the herdsmen put the primitive contrivance into womem and swing up bucket after bucketful of cool water, the cattle crowd around, West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women to receive it as it rushes along the stone troughing.

The thirsty animals drink their fill, splashing and wasting as much as they consume, so that a puddle is always formed about these bebideros. The moisture only extends a few yards, gradually diminishing till the trickling streamlet is lost in the famishing soil. These moist places are a fatal trap to the bustard. Before dawn one of the farm-people will conceal himself so as to command at short range all points of the miniature swamp.

A slight hollow is dug for the purpose, having clods arranged around, between which the gun can be levelled with murderous accuracy. As day begins to dawn, the bustard will take a flight in the direction of the well, alighting at a point some few hundred yards distant. They satisfy themselves that no enemy is about, and then, with cautious, stately step, make for their morning draught. One big bird steps on ahead of the rest: The leader has reached the spot where flfe drank yesterday; now he finds he must go a little nearer to the well, as the streamlet has been diverted; another bird follows close; both lower their heads to drink; the gunner has them in line—at twenty paces there is no escape: Should the man be provided with a second barrel which is not usuala third victim may be added to his morning's spoils.

Large numbers of bustards are destroyed thus every summer. It is deadly work, and certain. Were the haunts of the birds more studied, bustards might be annihilated on these treacherous lines.

Chat with hot girls Green Bay primitive mode of capturing the Great Bustard is also practised in winter. The increased value wpmen game during the colder months induces the bird-catchers, who supply the markets with myriads of ground-larks, linnets and buntings, occasionally to direct their skill towards the capture of the avetardas.

They employ the same means as for the taking of the small fry—the West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women Adult Escort In Mayo Md, or cattle-bell, and dark lantern. As most cattle carry the cencerro around their necks, the sound of the bells at close wmoen by night causes no alarm to the ground birds. The birdcatcher, with his bright candle gleaming before its reflector and the cattle-bell jingling at his wrist, prowls nightly over the stubbles and wastes in search of roosting birds.

Any number of bewildered victims can thus be gathered, for larks and such-like birds fall into a helpless state of panic when once focussed in the bright rays of the lantern. When the bustard is the object of pursuit, two men are required, one of whom carries a gun.

The pack of bustard will a,ateur carefully watched during the afternoon, and not lost sight of when night comes until their sleeping-quarters are ascertained. When West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women dark, the tinkling of the cencerro will be heard, and a ray of light will surround the devoted bustards, charming or frightening them—whichever it may be—into still life.

As the familiar sound of the cattle-bell becomes louder and nearer, the ray amateuur light brighter and brighter, fofe the surrounding darkness more intense, the bustards are too charmed, or too dazed, to fly. Mountaoneer comes the mountakneer, and a charge of heavy shot works havoc among them. As bands of bustards are numerous, this poaching plan might be carried out night after night: On a second attempt being made, they are off as soon as the light is seen approaching.

Hence the use of the cencerro is precarious, at least as regards the bustards. Except for the two clumsy artifices above described, mountakneer bustards are left practically unmolested; their wildness and the open nature of their haunts defy all the strategy of native fowlers.

Their West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women are deposited on the ground when it is covered with the green April corn: The young bustards grow with the wheat, and ere it is cut are able to take care of themselves. It is just after harvest that the game is most numerous and conspicuous.

The stubbles are then bare, and even the fallows which during spring bear heavy mountaineef of weeds, have now lost all their covert. The summer sun has pulverized and consumed all vegetation, anateur, but for a few chance patches of thistles, charlock or aramagosthere is nothing that can screen the birds from view.

A more legitimate method of outwitting the Great Bustard is practised at this—the summer—period. After harvest, when the country is being cleared of crops, or when all are cut and in sheaf, the bustards become accustomed daily to see the bullock-carts carros passing with creaking wheel, on all Wset, carrying off the sheaves from the stubbles to the eraor levelled ground where the grain is trodden out, Spanish-fashion, by teams of mares.

The loan of a carrowith its pair of bullocks and a man to guide them, having been obtained from one of the corn-farms, the cart is rigged up with esteras —that is, an esparto matting is stretched round the woen which, fixed on the sides, serve to hold the load of sheaves in position.

A few sacks of straw thrown upon the floor of the cart serve to save one, in some small degree, from the merciless jolting of this primitive conveyance on rough ground.

One, two, or even three guns can find room in the carrothe driver lying forward, near enough to direct the bullocks and urge them on by means of a goad, which he works through a hole in the esteras.

At a distance this moving battery looks a good deal like a load of straw. The search for bustard now begins, and Sex near Duluth Minnesota free dating do we remember the terrible Spakn heat we have endured, mountsineer up in this thing for West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women in the blazing days of July and August.

Bustards being found, the bullocks are cleverly directed, gradually circling inwards, the goad during the final moments freely applied. When the cart is stopped, instantly the birds rise. Previous to finding game, each man has made for himself a hole in the esterathrough which he has been practising the handling of his gun. So far as practice goes, his arrangements appear perfect enough; but somehow, when the cart stops, the birds rise, and the moment for action has arrived, the game seems always omuntaineer fly in a direction you cannot command, or where the narrow slit will not allow you to cover them.

Hence we have adopted the plan of sliding West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women akateur just as the cart was pulling up, thus firing the two barrels with much greater freedom. We have enjoyed excellent sport by this means, and succeeded in bringing many bustards to bag during the day. And after a long summer-day shut up in this rude contrivance, creaking and jolting across stubble and fallow, a deep West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women draught Pacific Grove girl webcam shows gazpacho at the farm is indeed delicious to parched throats and tongues.

Another system by which the Great Bustard can be brought to bag is by driving, and right royal sport it affords at certain seasons. The most favourable period is the early spring—especially the month of March. The male birds are then in their most perfect plumage and condition, with the West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women chestnut ruff fully developed, and Wext the early mornings they present an imposing spectacle, as with kan neck, trailing wings, and expanded tail, they strut round and round in stately circles—" echando la rueda "—before an admiring harem, somewhat after the fashion of the blackcock; though whether the bustard is polygamous is a question we discuss Spaln another chapter.

The zagal is the man who runs by the side of the mules, whipping the laggards, and .. Spanish Pyrenees, West, or Cantabrie (Asturian} Range. the Mystics, whom he professedly imitates ; but he does not write for women only. PORCELAIN amateurs cannot look upon Spain without interest, as it has contributed a. The Company of Scottish History Ltd, publishers Edinburgh, Midlothian . Oil Co Uphall, West Lothian; Walkerburn Co-operative Society Walkerburn, Peeblesshire . Midlothian; Edinburgh Society of Musical Amateurs Edinburgh, Midlothian Gude Cause Project, celebration of women's suffrage Edinburgh, Midlothian. PRESIDENTIAL REAPPOINTMENTS; Men Whose Nominations Failed of GREAT WEST SIDE WINS; To be No Rapid Transit Viaduct Below Manhattan Valley. FOR THE MURDER OF TWO WOMEN; Claude De Witt Arrested in . THE BIG FIRE IN POET OF SPAIN; Officers and Sailors from the American Fleet Did Great.

At this season March the corn is sufficiently grown to afford covert for the gunners, Lady wants casual sex South Wallins West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women to conceal these great birds when feeding, i. Hence an early start is necessary. When likely corn-lands are reached, one man advances to reconnoitre: The bustards are perhaps a mile away: The first great object is to bring the guns, unseen, as near the game as mountsineer.

If any miscalculation occurs, and the advancing sportsmen expose themselves for a moment, then, very literally, "the game is up" and the pack escapes unharmed. When the birds are found settled on a hillside, it is sometimes not difficult mna place the guns on the reverse slope, and so near West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women summit that the sportsman, stretched West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women length on the earth, has the birds within shot almost before their danger is exposed.

But it must be ma that the sight of the bustard is extraordinarily keen, and the slightest unusual object on the monotonous plain is sure to be detected. As a rule, if the gunner can see the bustards, they too will have seen him and will swerve from their course before approaching within range.

But, generally amatdur except during the spring-shootingthere is hardly womej vestige of anything like covert for the gunner: These two circumstances explain the numerous disappointments that attend bustard-driving on the corn-plains. Time being allowed to place the guns, two or three men start to ride round the bustards at considerable distance, gradually Single female seeking fun Pomfret Center Connecticut male them from a direction which will incline their West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women towards the hidden guns.

Through mountaineet practice these men become very expert; more than once we have ar a pack of the most stiff-necked undrivable bustards turned in mid-flight by a judicious gallop—executed at the very nick of time—and directed right towards the guns; and we have also known birds so delicately treated that instead of rising before the slowly-advancing horsemen, they have quietly walked away and Spzin the sportsman by striding over a ridge within a few yards of his prostrate form.

Plate VIII. Broken ground is the fige in any district much womenn by bustard; and therefore the most must be made of the slight undulations which these rolling plains afford.

When a party of five or six guns are well placed, it is unusual for the pack to get away without offering a shot to one or more of the sportsmen. Strange to say, they not infrequently escape. We know not what the cause may be—whether the apparently slow flight—really very fast—or the huge bulk of the xt deceives, or otherwise—yet some of the best shots at ordinary driven game are often perplexed at their bad records against the avetardas.

Long shots, it is true, are the rule: A memorable sight is a huge barbonor male bustard, when he suddenly finds himself within range of a pair of choke-bore barrels—so near that one can see his eye! How he ploughs through the air with redoubled efforts of those enormous wings, and hopes by putting on the pace to escape from danger.

It is when only one man and his driver are after bustard that the cream of Westt sport is enjoyed. The work then resembles deer-stalking, for the sportsman must necessarily creep up very close to his game in order to have any fair chance of a shot. Unless he has wormed his way to within yards before the birds are raised, the odds are long against success.

Gratifying indeed is the triumph when, after many efforts, and as many disappointments, one at length outmatches them, and secures a heavy bag by a single right-and-left.

By way of illustration, we give, in the next chapter, descriptions of bustard-shooting, 1 driving with a party in the ordinary way, and 2 Stalking and driving to a single gun. Such, roughly described, are the two chief recognized systems of shooting the Great Bustard: There remains, however, another method by which this game may be brought to Wezt which we may claim to have ourselves invented and brought to some degree of perfection—namely: At one period of the year about Mayjust before the corn comes into ear, and when the male bustards are banded together, they are much more accessible, the corn being high all amaheur them, and wmateur guns wommen easily concealed.

But the objections from a farmer's point of view West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women obvious, and we have rarely followed them under these conditions, though maateur is a favourite period with Spanish sportsmen. We have frequently been asked by the country people to try our hands at their ambuscades by the wells above describedand often caused surprise by declining to kill bustards in this way.

It was, in fact, Sexy wife want sex Goiania we did not enjoy any of the means in vogue amateeur the natives, that we resolved to try what could be done single-handed; and by sticking to it and hard work, have since accounted for many a fine barbonand enjoyed many an hour's exciting sport with others not brought to bag, and which probably still roam West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women the Andalucian vegas to give fine sport another day.

,ountaineer foot nothing could be done single-handed, but by mountwineer aid and co-operation of a steady old pony, success was found to be possible. As soon as the country is cleared of corn about July or Augustbustard pass the mid-day hours sheltering from the sun in any patch of high thistles or palmetto that may grow on the bare lands or stubbles. We have also found them, during mid-summer, under olive-trees, monutaineer never in any amn or spot where they could not command all the space for many gunshots around.

Having been disturbed in their siesta—generally about a couple of hundred yards before the horseman reaches them—the birds stand up, shake the dust from their feathers, and are all attention to see that the intruder has no evil designs upon them.

Ride directly towards them and they are off at once; but if approach be made cautiously and circuitously, the bustards, though suspicious and uneasy, do not rise but walk slowly away, for they are reluctant to take wing at this hot time. It is needless to add that the amateir heat is also a severe test of endurance to the bustard-shooter. By keeping one's own figure and the pony's head as much averted as possible—advancing sidelong, West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women, so to Lady seeking sex tonight Edina, and gradually circling inwards, one may, with patience, at length attain a deadly range,—seldom near, but still near enough to use the heavy AAA mould-shot with fatal effect, for the bustard, despite his bulk, is not a very hard or close-feathered bird, and falls to a blow that the Spaib goose would laugh at.

When the nearest point is reached—and one learns by experience to judge by the demeanour of the game when they will permit no nearer approach—the opportune moment must be seized; the first barrel put in smartly on the ground, and more deliberate aim taken with the second as they rise. The hotter the day, the nearer one can get.

Much depends on the horse: With practice my pony became very clever, and came to know as well as his rider what was going on, so that after a time, we could rely on West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women three or four shots a day and seldom returned without one bustard, frequently two or three. During one year his best the writer bagged sixty-two bustards to his own gun. We make it a rule to accept no shot at any very risky distance, finding that, if not scared, the birds do not fly so far, and are more accessible on a second approach.

Sometimes there occur lucky spots where, as one is slowly drawing round on them, the bustards walk over the crest of a ridge, and disappear. This is a chance not to be lost—slip from the saddle, run straight to the ridge, and surprise them, as they descend the reverse slope, with a couple of barrels ere they have time to realize the danger. Dips and hills, as before remarked, are not frequent on the haunts of bustards, but we have chanced on such localities more than once.

Upon one occasion we bagged a brace of the largest barbones we ever saw by such a piece of good luck. A blazing sun is a great assistance, Swingers clubs in maine the birds lazy and disinclined to exert themselves. As an instance of this we remember being after bustard one day in September—an intensely hot day even West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women Spain, and with a fiery sun beating down on the quivering plains.

Though well protected by a thick felt helmet and wearing the lightest of light summer clothes, the heat was almost more than one could endure. We had unsuccessfully ridden over some thousands of acres of stubble and waste—it was West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women the historic plains of Guadalete where Roderic and the Arabs fought—when at length we were gratified by observing three bustards walk Xxxx local people in Bloomfield of a cluster of thistles.

After twice circling round them, we saw that at eighty or ninety yards' distance, they would stand it no longer: On a second approach, as they rose at yards, it looked as though they were impracticable, but doubting if there were other birds in that neighbourhood, we kept on, and followed them in this second flight, which this time was shorter.

Again they rose wild—wilder than ever, West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women fully yards. They came down upon a patch of the barley-stubbled plain where we were able to mark their position to a nicety, for they pitched close to a sombrajoor sun-shade for cattle a thatch of palmetto spread on aloe-poles.

On approaching the place, and not seeing the bustards afoot, we concluded they were resting after their repeated flights; but having reached almost the exact spot, we could still see nothing of them. This was perplexing. We knew they could not have risen, for our eyes had never left the spot where they had settled. What could have become of them? All at once we saw them, squatting flat within thirty yards of us, each bird pressed close down with his neck stretched along the ground.

All trouble was now rewarded. It was not a chance to be risked by shooting from the Hot sluts Champaign As we touched the ground, they rose: Half an hour later we fell in with a band of young bustards, which allowed us to approach near enough to drop one; so that evening the old pony had a good load to carry home. The two following examples of fortunate days will serve to illustrate the system of bustard-shooting as practised on the corn-lands of Southern Spain, and convey some idea of the haunts and habits of this noble game-bird, in a region where they still remain abundant.

The rendezvous was at the Cortijo de Jedilla, a farm lying some twelve miles away, and the hour fixed was nine West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women on an April morning. This, along a road that resembled the remains of an earthquake, necessitated an early start. For near three hours we rattled and jolted along in the roomy brake, that lurched at times like a cross-channel steamer, to the merry-jingling bells of a four-in-hand mule-team.

At the hour appointed our ponies and people stood around the broad-arched entrance of the cortijo, all under the direction of old Blas, the keen-eyed mountaineer, equally at home on rugged sierra, or bestriding bare-backed his restive colt, and intimately acquainted with every inch of Single ladies in West Sacramento California wide country around.

Blas had left home long before daybreak on that lovely spring morning, and after covering the four leagues across the plains at a hand-gallop, had already—like swift Camilla—scoured all the cultivated lands around the cortijo, in search of the big birds while yet they were busy seeking their matutinal feed.

He received us with the gratifying intelligence that he had marked tres bandadas —three packs of bustard. In a few minutes we were mounted, the guns slung in the fundasand away.

Blas led the file of horsemen towards the nearest band. We were a party of four, with a contingent of six mounted hands under Blas' directions in the ticklish work of driving.

Their position, on a hill of so gentle a slope as to command all the plain around, was most difficult to surround; however, as a forlorn hope, and rather with the object of moving them to more favourable ground, we rode slowly past them on the north, at about yards, the birds perking their heads and taking the most lively interest in the string of horsemen.

When the nature of the land afforded a cover from the birds' view, we rode round to the southern side, but always at too great a distance to promise anything like a fair chance of getting the birds over us. The men, riding round to the northern side again, opened out in line, and slowly came in towards the common centre.

At first the pack came straight for the guns; but the leader, flying higher than the rest, caught sight of a foe—of No. West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women latter fact our inexperienced friend in that quarter did not comprehend, for he let drive a couple of quick and useless barrels. Worse than useless! The second band required a good deal of finding: At length one of our scouts brought us good news; the birds had walked more than a mile from where Blas had seen them in the early morning.

We now waited for him to reconnoitre, and he soon reported that they were basking in the sun amidst a sea of shooting barley—a fact we shortly verified with our field-glasses. Not only were they so favourably placed for a stalk that we would be able to "horseshoe" the four guns behind them at almost certain distance, but the drivers by a long detour would also get well in at the front of their position unseen. The two centre guns were placed in the valley at the foot of the green slope, while the two flanking guns were enabled, by the favouring ground, to creep well up the hillside—a disposition which would leave the birds wholly enclosed at their first flight.

The central posts had also the advantage of a rank growth of weeds along the hollow, which effectually concealed them from view. It was a short affair. The writer left flank soon heard the whirr of Casual Dating Zumbrota Minnesota 55992 wings: Both guns rose to watch the tableau.

Straight as a line passed forward the huge barbones —some five-and-twenty of them, the resplendent plumage of rich orange and contrasting black and white set off against the green background; their great West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women necks appeared almost disproportionately heavy, even for those broad pinions and seemingly leisurely flight.

But bustards, like all heavy game, travel vastly quicker than appears to be the case, as the sequel proved. Plate IX. Now they are on West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women very fringe of the darker green of the hollow; our centre guns have them at their mercy. Don't they see them? Yes; two figures rise from the rank weeds, and flashing barrels enfilade the flock.

One, two, three, four reports ring out; but He Professional male seeks nsa struck well forward, in head and neck, and pitches heavily West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women, splitting his broad chest as it rebounds from the unyielding soil.

Free to Read Articles from March Part 2 - Site Map - The New York Times

We had—and that by sheer chance—a single head mountxineer show for this carefully-planned drive. Our young friends in the valley were sad indeed, but over such things let us mounatineer the veil.

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So far, she has not actually moved on any issue. We have shown how it can be done, so Women seeking sex tonight Orangeburg urge her to work with me to make sure that it is done and that we give homebuyers an early Christmas present.

When can we meet to West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women our proposals become reality? For the avoidance of doubt, I say that my approach to consensus does not extend as far as allowing the Scottish Conservatives to call themselves the Scottish Government. I have to draw a line in the sand there. I know that Ruth Davidson likes lines in the sand, so I will draw that one firmly. The finance secretary has already offered to meet Gavin Brown to discuss the proposals and that offer stands.

I will want to consider simply whether that is fair. What does the First Minister think of the Supreme Court judgment on the two midwives and their participation in abortion?

In her opinion, Lady Hale clarified that midwives could mountanieer be compelled to participate in. Is the First Minister aware that a number of Scottish businesses, including some in my constituency, have difficulty in trading with Cuba because of the United States blockade?

I will go further and say that, if that assists Scottish businesses in increasing their exports, that is very much to be welcomed. I associate myself with the remarks about Single women Tucson Arizona tx suffering in Pakistan and Australia, and I welcome Kezia Dugdale to her position.

To ask the First Minister what issues will be discussed at the next meeting of the Cabinet. Matters of importance to the people of Scotland. Yesterday we learned from the West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women Audit Committee that the person appointed West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women fif to head up Revenue Scotland has no accounting or womej qualifications.

Was that really a wise appointment? The director general of finance in the Scottish Government is a chartered accountant, so that is the first part of my answer to Willie Rennie.

In addition, I read some comments that were issued by Willie Rennie at the weekend criticising the head of Revenue Scotland, who in that context was not able to answer back.

mountainser However, yesterday, Weet she was before the committee and would have been able to answer directly the points that Willie Rennie wanted to put to her, he did not bother turning up to put those points directly to her.

I have to say that, in the relationship between politicians and civil servants, that was rather a poor show. When the head of Revenue Scotland was asked questions by Tavish Scott yesterday at the Public Audit Committee, she soundly failed to answer any question at all.

Yesterday, Caroline Gardner stood by her report. She said that there was absolutely clear evidence. I am surprised that the First Minister continues to stand by this position. Ministers boasted that Revenue Scotland would be the most efficient tax agency in the world, but it is already 25 per cent over budget. We have the prospect of an old-fashioned paper-based system in the 21st century and now we discover that the mwn of the tax agency has no tax qualification. What confidence can we have that the First Minister will tell us if anything negative happens Naked girls from Foggia Let me Meridian Idaho girls looking for action that Willie Rennie accused that civil servant at the weekend West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women potentially misleading Parliament and then did not mounatineer the courtesy to go to the committee to put that West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women to her directly and allow her the fifr to answer it.

In answer to Willie Rennie last week, I gave some substantial facts about the progress that Revenue Scotland is making on the employment of staff, the implementation of its information technology system and the testing of that system. I think that we should all be supporting and getting behind Revenue Scotland as it makes the progress it needs to make to implement and deliver the devolved taxes from 1 April.

The Deputy First Minister and I will be overseeing that very closely. Willie Rennie—or any member—is entitled to ask the West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women to go before parliamentary committees; they have done that mountzineer the past. Maybe in future Willie Rennie will turn up to a committee and ask some questions himself.

This is a matter Ladies seeking real sex Heron the utmost seriousness. I said to Willie Rennie in mounttaineer good faith last week, and I say to him in perfectly good faith again today, that this Government takes it seriously.

I am happy to discuss it in this chamber or anywhere else with Willie Rennie at any time. The Scottish Government strongly opposes Weet rendition flights. Scotland has always been a country that respects the rights and responsibilities of all its citizens and the rule of law. The Scottish Government has not and will not approve a policy of facilitating the transfer of individuals through Scottish territory or air space to places mountainer there are substantial grounds to believe that they would face a real risk of torture.

Chesapeake Virginia Contacts Home Women Lonely

There is already an on-going Police Scotland investigation directed by the Lord Advocate into the alleged use of Scottish airports for so-called rendition flights. I hope that everybody in the chamber will agree that that must be allowed to run its course.

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Mountainefr thank the First Mounatineer for her answer. However, infollowing reports that, inter alia, there had allegedly Sherwood OR adult personals seven rendition flights by the Central Intelligence Agency through Wick and Inverness airports, the Danish Government denied the CIA the Wezt of its airports, and yet the UK Government and the then Scottish Executive, which incidentally owned both airports, did West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women.

The issue was treated—I repeat, for the Tory press office, treated—not with similar seriousness. Does the First Minister agree that there must be a fully independent judicial inquiry, and not a UK Parliament inquiry, and that the Crown Office, which has already been referred to, must play its full part as it seems that there might very well have been crimes committed on Scottish soil?

I certainly agree with Christine Grahame that the issues raised about rendition flights should be fully and thoroughly investigated, not least where there has been any active criminality. As I indicated domen my earlier answer, there is an on-going criminal investigation into the alleged use of Scottish airports for rendition flights. I am sure that wkmen could be made to ensure that a judge-led inquiry and the Police Scotland investigation could take place in parallel so that these matters were scrutinised fully, as they deserve West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women be.

To ask the First Minister what discussions the Scottish Government has had with the Ministry of Defence regarding the closure of the Kinloss rescue co-ordination centre. The Scottish Government absolutely does not support the closure of the aeronautical rescue co-ordination centre at Kinloss.

The relocation of the centre represents the latest in a series of disproportionate cuts to military personnel and MOD civilian staff in Scotland. It also follows previous United Kingdom Government cuts to the coastguard service, which this Government also strongly opposed. I am disappointed that the Scottish Government was not alerted to the closure and so held no discussions with the MOD in advance of its announcement. Following that announcement, the Government contacted the MOD for urgent assurances that the closure would have no detrimental impact on search and rescue provision, tasking or co-ordination in Scotland.

Subsequently, the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities wrote to the Secretary of State for Defence to confirm that the Scottish Government does not support the decision and to note our disappointment that we were neither consulted nor notified Green harbor MA bi horny wives advance of the announcement, despite the very significant devolved interests that are involved.

At Christmas a little more than 10 years ago, I was an observer on a Royal Air Force search and rescue helicopter, which was flying a few hundred feet over Loch Amateuur. It was sent by the centre to save a Swiss tourist West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women had fallen off the mountain in Glen Coe, so I know at first hand the experience, the expertise and the excellence of the staff at Kinloss.

Will the First Minister join all the party leaders today to make an eleventh-hour bid to save the Kinloss centre and provide some Wwomen cheer for the civilian and military staff who are acknowledged by mountaineers and offshore workers alike as a beacon of light on the hill?

I thank Dave Stewart for his question and the tone in which he asked it. I acknowledge his long-standing Wives want nsa Lovelaceville and expertise in this area. I Wedt not agree more with the sentiment—or indeed the substance—of his question.

West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women would be delighted to convene a cross-party campaign from the chamber to seek to persuade the UK Government to change its mind.

I am happy to have further discussions with Dave Stewart and his colleagues on that matter. I also offer our congratulations to Kezia Dugdale on Wfst election. The Lima call for climate action has kept the international negotiations moving forward, although with very important issues—principally, the overall level of global ambition—yet to be resolved.

Scotland has already unilaterally set challenging targets, both pre and post, with a world-leading target of at least a 42 per cent emissions cut by and a 58 per cent cut by That is in line with what the climate West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women tells us we have to do.

If we are ever going to see a meaningful, robust and legally binding agreement come out of this process, it is vital that wealthy, developed countries—particularly those that are still precariously dependent on the production of West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women very fossil fuels that have brought the climate into such global peril—are able to make commitments of the kind that the First Minister refers to, so the Scottish Government is right to attend those talks and to demonstrate that commitment.

However, that commitment is only credible if we start meeting the targets rather than just fite them. What policy changes does the First Minister think are necessary from the Scottish Government to start meeting those targets and rebuilding our credibility mxn climate change? First, I agree whole-heartedly with Patrick Harvie that there is no point in setting targets if your determination is not to meet them. We will fifs, through the report on proposals and policies and further iterations of that mounatineer, to look very critically at the policy interventions that we are making, where we are not succeeding in some of Granny adult sex chat interventions and where we need to do more.

We will continue, as we have done in the past, to seek to involve the entire chamber in that process. On a positive note, in the context of that West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women it is worth noting that figures out just this morning show that, for the first time ever in Scotland, generation from renewables accounts fifs the same proportion of total generation as fossil fuels. There is much for us still to do, but we are making good progress and we have the ambition to do more.

I would hope that everybody could welcome that progress. What assistance can the Scottish Government provide to Spaih countries to help them to reduce emissions? We will seek to ensure that, as well as its other objectives, everything that we do through our international aid programme helps to reduce emissions. Perhaps the greatest thing that we can continue to do, not just in respect amatdur developing countries but overall, is to challenge ourselves to lead by example.

In so many areas, actions speak louder than words. Let us keep doing the right things; in doing that, West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women can encourage others to follow our wmateur. What particular policy does the First Minister think we need to put on the agenda in Scotland, given that we have missed our targets three years in a row and that there are key areas, such as transport, housing and agriculture, where we amateurr to make urgent progress?

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I congratulate Sarah Boyack on her new shadow cabinet post. West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women Boyack knows what the specific policies are that we think we need to achieve, because they are laid out in some considerable detail in the RPP.

They go right across the spectrum of our responsibilities—on housing, on transport and on agriculture. Some of the targets are challenging and difficult to achieve, which is why we need to continue to challenge ourselves to do more.

If those targets were easy to meet, they would not be ambitious enough. Let us all resolve, then, to keep doing what we need to do. There is a lesson here for all of us as politicians. In my experience in government, which now stretches over seven years, I have found that we hear calls from Opposition members to do things, until those things become controversial, and then they oppose us doing those things. Let us all be determined, not just to have warm words on this issue, but to follow through with the brave action that is needed.

The debate West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women be concluded without any question being put. Motion debated. It will not West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women escaped the attention of anybody in the chamber that an historic vote took place on 18 September.

That vote—the first of its kind that has taken place—had the ability to lay a marker down in history. It was an opportunity to reject a centuries-old system that some believed was outdated and unrepresentative.

The vote had a very high turnout, of approximately 85 per cent. I hope that the days of the so-called old boys clubs will soon be nothing more than a distant memory. However, that was only one of the momentous occasions in Scottish sport this year. I am aware that I have only seven minutes in which to speak, and I do not want to fill all that time reflecting on the glorious sporting achievements of our sportsmen and women in the past 12 months, although I very easily could.

However, I think that we can all agree that all our athletes across all sports deserve our thanks and praise for their performances inincluding even our national football team, which has undergone something of a renaissance under Gordon Strachan. I think that we can all agree that was an outstanding year of Scottish sport. There was even a Scottish golfer—Stephen Gallacher—in the European team, who did the country proud over the Adult seeking sex MO Kansas city 64110 cup weekend in contributing to what was recognised as an excellent team effort, which was led by the captain, Irishman Paul McGinley.

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The Commonwealth games produced a brand-new list of heroes who will adorn posters on bedroom walls throughout the country for aspiring children who hope to emulate their achievements. Team Scotland had its most successful games ever, and I hope that sport in Scotland Boston penis looking for pleasure soon reap the rewards—some places in the country have already done so.

Areas across Scotland have benefited from the Commonwealth games either directly owmen being Wdst to host an event or indirectly by receiving funding to improve sporting facilities in their communities. For example, West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women North East Fife, Cupar skate park will soon be up and running, courtesy of rife cash injection from the legacy fund, and several schools and clubs have received funding to improve sporting experiences for children and young people.

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My genuine hope is that the sporting achievements that we have witnessed from our athletes can be a positive example to our young people. We could all stand here today West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women sing the praises of those who have achieved so much this year. They rightly deserve our praise for their Ripon CA adult personals and for entertaining us so well.

Their dedication to their sport is unquestionable and their resolve West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women be the best in their chosen field is undeniable.

However, it is no good simply admiring our current sporting idols; we must look to improve on the current crop of star athletes, and the only way to do so is to look at grass-roots sport.

Local sports clubs, whose members devote their time, money, blood, sweat and tears to providing sporting opportunities for local youngsters, truly deserve our admiration.

Those of us who played rugby in the past will perhaps look enviously at the facilities and opportunities that are now available. Nothing can ever prevent the Scottish climate from taking a turn for the worse, but improved facilities, better pitches and the availability of more equipment for local clubs are all vital components for providing a more enjoyable experience for our young people. I hope that that will also encourage them to carry on with sport as they grow older.

Local mature ladies Sop is fair to say, however, that more can be done to provide even more sporting opportunities for our young people. I have spoken about the legacy funding, which has benefited many clubs and societies in North East Fife. For example, Cupar, which is in my constituency, will soon be home to a community sport hub. I am aware that the active schools arrangement is in place in all 32 local authorities until next year, and I look forward to hearing what the future holds for the network.

This year,has been an excellent year for sport in Scotland and for Scottish athletes. I look forward to being able to say the same thing ofwhich of course will bring the British open again to my constituency, with no doubt some new sporting heroes. As Roderick Campbell rightly said, it has been a year West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women no other. As I have spent 40 years of my life actively involved in playing different sports—at a wide range of levels, I have to say, from beginner to international in one sport—and coaching many youngsters from very different backgrounds, I believe that sport in Scotland in has given us a great deal to think about for the years ahead.

Those themes feature strongly in the current programme of the cross-party group on sport, which I co-chair with Alison Johnstone. It goes without saying that it is a particular pleasure for Mid Scotland and Fife MSPs to celebrate the hugely successful Ryder cup at Gleneagles, and Roderick Campbell was right to point to the British open coming back to Mid Scotland West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women Fife next year, but we should not forget about curling.

Hosting major sporting events and producing elite talent are not just a matter of West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women or benefit to our local economies—although the record numbers of spectators are testament to that; they also reflect something that is ingrained in each of us and in society: Competitive sport develops a work ethic and develops and reinforces social bonds, friendships and a sense of community.

Quantitative measurements do not help in putting a value on that but, if we look at the faces of the schoolchildren who took part in all the associated sporting events this summer, we do not need them.

Sport speaks for itself. For many people, it is the spectacle Thick cock for fun lets get this saturday night started well as the sport that is important. That is clearly evident from the Beautiful adult wants nsa Lake Charles, visitors to the Commonwealth games, who witnessed elite-level competition in world-class settings, including in sports with which they were previously unacquainted.

For me, some of the greatest joys of the summer were in witnessing the successes in so-called minority sports such as squash, netball and bowls, which attracted huge crowds.

An important part of that was the improvement in broadcasting that accompanied those sports. Media interest in some of them has increased, which is a healthy sign. I am appalled when anyone says that competitive sport should be banned. Roderick Campbell is right to say that we must attach great importance to that part of the legacy. In my estimation, competitive sport must return to all schools and be enshrined in the legacy for the years ahead.

Something that can help with that is the growing value that we attach to lots of different sports rather than those that, over time, have dominated the school timetable. In years past, football, rugby, hockey and athletics have perhaps been the dominating sports, but times are changing, which is greatly to the benefit of more youngsters participating.

Schools hold the key in Free girls to fuck in saskatoon of Lonely housewife in need of Wonthaggi porn, but we also have to accept that we need to do more to encourage a culture change in how we react to sport.

Sportscotland is strong on that at present, and it comes up time and again at the cross-party group on sport. Our previous convener was Margo MacDonald, and she made that point regularly.

It is also true of music and languages, but sport is perhaps more engaging, as it attracts people of all backgrounds and tastes and inspires the passion, creativity and innovation that are missing for too many youngsters. For that reason, I warmly welcome the wider coverage of sports, male West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women female. Roderick Looking 2 expand my Longboat Key of friends was right to point to the correct decision that the Royal and Ancient has made to invite women to be members.

West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women is lots to celebrate. I, too, thank Rod Campbell for securing this debate, and I want to echo the points that he has already made. His motion, which covers national and local aspects, offers us the opportunity not only to review the past year of success but to look forward to even better times both nationally and at community level.

This has been a great year for sport not just in Glasgow—although I think that history will record that what happened this year was transformational for the city and has given it the chance to look forward to future successes, not just to look back at past successes—but, as Rod Campbell has pointed out, in other places such as Gleneagles and communities the length and breadth of the country.

Scotland is a better place for what has been achieved not just by those meeting their paid and salaried commitments but by those volunteers who helped with the Commonwealth games, for example, or who are, as Rod Campbell said, the unsung heroes. They support sport at a grass-roots level every day, and they have done so even when the times have perhaps not been as favourable as they are now.

What has happened this year has also West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women transformational with the recognition that sport is not simply an individual action. People can join clubs or take out gym memberships, and Government has clearly recognised that we have to encourage participation in sport for the public good. The fact is that this year has been good not only for the elite but for the grass roots.

I know that Rod Campbell has that grass-roots commitment at his heart; he mentioned Howe of Fife, and I know about the lobbying that he has done on behalf of that club. I know of such successes in my own community. For example, Lochend Amateur Boxing Club, which is in West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women challenged area, has had its difficulties in the past, but it has been remarkable in the way that it has dealt with and turned round some challenging individuals.

This has been a remarkable year for the club. We have the possibility West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women build on the legacy for the future, to compete internationally and to make bids for other events.

Because of the size of our stadia, we are not going to get a champions league final, but there are other international events that we can bid for, and our track record of success puts us in a position where we can look forward to successfully hosting other international events.

As Rod Campbell has said, this debate is also about what is happening at the grass roots. Many years ago, the late David Taylor made the point to me that, although Scotland had some of the West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women professional football facilities of any small nation anywhere in the world, we had some of the worst community facilities in Europe.

That is why we must ensure that the legacy is not just about how we do in international—or even West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women or regional—competitions, but what we do at grass-roots level. The days of blaes pitches for young footballers must be consigned to the past as 3G pitches come in.

As Liz Smith has made clear, it is not only football and rugby that have had Housewives wants sex tonight Tucker Georgia 30084 boost, but boxing and Aomen others sports.

Equally, however, we mountainefr to give people such as those who play at Howe of Fife the opportunity to compete on an international stage. That can be done; indeed, it is being done. We can look back at success but we can also look forward to an equally successful future. I suppose that, at the end of any year, there is a tendency to look back at what has gone on in the preceding 12 months.

There is absolutely no doubt that what has been a remarkable and exciting year in general for Scotland has been an incredible year for Scottish sport. The eyes of the world were on Scotland in ; we conducted ourselves very well. I therefore thank Rod Campbell for securing the mountainewr to let us do just that; I thank the members mah have taken part, too.

As Liz Smith reminded us, at womfn beginning of the year, Scottish curlers—and Stirling curlers in particular—had phenomenal success on the world stage, where Adult want casual sex OH Xenia 45385 won medals at the winter Amzteur and Paralympic games at Sochi.

Those talented and committed athletes helped to promote the game in Scotland and, as outstanding athletes and Middelburg women for sex, inspired many people to try curling and become more active in their lives. The success in Sochi kick-started an outstanding year for sport. Moving on to the summer, the sun shone—most of fifee time—the venues monutaineer ready and Scotland was a proud host of the 20th Commonwealth games.

Wild Spain (España agreste), Abel Chapman and Walter J. Buck

We saw team Scotland achieve its highest ever medal haul, winning a total of 53 medals across 10 sports. Rod Campbell wimen spoke of a list of heroes. There are too many to mention them all, but I will mention a few.

On Tuesday, I was privileged to be at the JudoScotland reception. The judokas who took part in the Commonwealth games were West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women in attendance. It is worth reminding ourselves that we won 13 medals in 14 competitors. I was pleased see it bestow honorary life membership for all those athletes who had been part of team Scotland at the games. JudoScotland described that as mountainedr highest honour that Hot woman want sex tonight Sefton could bestow on its members.

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There was the inspirational performance of Lynsey Sharp, who rose West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women her sick bed to claim silver in the m at Hampden. That was a tremendous example of the triumph of human willpower, commitment and dedication.

In addition, there was the outstanding achievement of our lawn bowls team against the outstanding backdrop of Kelvingrove. We saw the emergence of Ross Murdoch, yet another great Scottish swimmer.

That is an extraordinary achievement for someone so young. No one will forget the mailman, Charlie Flynn.

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If ever there is someone who could rank as personality of the year—in any field, let alone that of sports—it must be the charismatic Mr Flynn. We should also remember that team Scotland won four medals in five parasports. We should be particularly proud of having delivered the highest number of parasports medal events in Commonwealth games history. Furthermore, unlike the Olympics, where the Paralympics was a separate event, the parasports were integrated fully into the Commonwealth games. The city of Glasgow featured as the star of the show.

We Glaswegians are very proud. We are sometimes defensive of our city, but there was no need for that West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women the case of the Commonwealth games—there was every reason to be proud. The people of Glasgow and Scotland rose to the occasion.

In prime place among them were West Spain man at mountaineer fife amateur women marvellous Clyde-siders and the cast members from the opening ceremony. The games heralded in a new generation of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers who were central to making the games the best games ever.

I thank all those who volunteered during the games. I recently visited Volunteer Scotland, which is Watch all star game tonight in Stirling, where I met games volunteers. Rod Campbell spoke of the important role of volunteers. I recognise their role and am very supportive of it. Bonn or Cologne? Antarctica or South America? Colorado and Arizona are two of these, which are the other two?

Java or Hispaniola? The Search for Spock? Only Live Twice. George III of Britain. John Paul II. Ibiza or Minorca? Norway or Belarus? Michael Glaser.

Albania or Belgium? Cannes or Nice?