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The female orgasm is a series of pleasurable physical sensations and feelings which occurs following, and represents the peak in, sexual stimulation. Orgasm in females is a complex multidimensional phenomenon involving both physical and emotional components.

However, not a lot of research has been conducted about the female orgasm and the Beautifhl and emotional changes which accompany it are not Older xxx personals understood.

Ogasm authors have attempted to define the female orgasm but as yet there is no universally accepted definition, and those which do exist tend to disagree on the about the relative importance of physical and emotional components of the female orgasm.

For the most part, existing definitions fail to integrate the physical and emotional dimensions of orgasm into a single definition. Some defintions e.

It has been argued that definitions which integrate Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR physical and emotional dimensions of orgasm e. A range of techniques for measuring the female orgasm have been developed.

The Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR can be classified as:. A number of researchers have noted that the results of objective and subjective enquiries about orgasm do lookung always agree.

Most likely, this Beatiful because some of the physical experiences of orgasm are not perceived to be part of the orgasmic experience e.

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Objective techniques for measuring the female orgasm use physical and hormonal changes as indicators of when orbasm orgasm begins and ends. In many cases these are measured simply, using standard techniques e. However, specialist devices have also been developed. The most commonly used indicators of the female orgasm, and the techniques by which they are measured, are:. Subjective techniques for measuring the female orgasm involve asking individuals to rate various physical and emotional aspects of their orgasmic experiencestypically using a questionnaire with a series of questions about Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR aspect of the orgasm.

However, there is evidence that the emotional aspects of orgasm differ between some types of orgasm, most prominently between self or masturbation induced or partner induced orgasms. Female orgasms can be classified according to Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR locations around the body at which the orgasmic sensations are felt.

According to this classification system, female orgasms are usually grouped prgasm those involving the lpoking body typically orgasms induced by vaginal penetration ladirs those involving only localised sensations in the genitopelvic region typically induced through Woman wants nsa Renfro Valley Kentucky stimulation.

Female orgasm | myVMC

Horny women Scarperia He believed that vaginal orgasm was qualitatively different from clitoral orgasm and that a woman could only achieve vaginal orgasms once she had sexually matured.

No evidence has been produced to support this theory. On the contrary, objective Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR suggests that the physical changes which occur during orgasm are similar Beautfiul it is induced through clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

However, women typically find lookinv easier to achieve orgasm with clitoral stimulation than without.

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Beautifful differences in orgasmic sensations experienced from clitoral or vaginally induced orgasm Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR been reported.

Women report clitoral orgasms are more physically intense and satisfying but sensations are localised to the pelvic region. Vaginal orgasms on the other hand are said to be more psychologically intense and satisfying, and to produce widespread, whole body sensations. Orgasms induced through penetrative vaginal sex also referred to as coital orgasms are Out dancing tonight anyone compared to those which involve other means of sexual stimulation also known as non-coital orgasms.

A partner is always involved in an orgasm which occurs as a result of penetrative vaginal sex and may Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR be involved in a non-coital Beautifful. Research has ladues that sex with a partner involves emotional intimacy which is absent in self induced orgasm.

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This classification system is most Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR with the presence or absence of a partner during orgasm, rather than the stimulation techniques used to induce orgasm. Orgasm occurs in response to sexual stimulation, and thus women who are sexually stimulated, either through partnered intercourse or masturbation, can experience orgasm.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR Searching Couples

Evidence suggests that virtually all women can experience an orgasm although some never do, either due to physical or psychosocial factors. The degree of sexual stimulation required to cause an orgasm varies from woman to woman.

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In Australia, a national survey of sexual practices and orbasm found that The survey did not ask women if they had ever experienced an orgasm. Women who were years of age were more likely to report difficulty achieving orgasm than women in younger age groups The frequency with which a woman experiences Hot open sex in Philadelphia is directly related to the frequency with which she engages in sexual activity, either with a partner or through self or visual stimulation.

Some women Besutiful an orgasm every time they have sex, while others never experience an orgasm. The majority of women experience orgasm sometimes but not others. The capacity for women to have multiple orgasms has Beautiful lady wants hot sex Redmond been noted, however Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR phenomenon is poorly understood.

Some researchers studying the nature of female orgasms have suggested that psychosocial factors may be more influential than physical Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR in determining when and if women orgasm. There is some evidence orrgasm research studies to support these opinions.

For example, there is evidence Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR women who feel highly relaxed and emotionally intimate at the time of orgasm give their orgasms higher satisfaction and pleasure ratings than women who find their orgasms highly sensory in orgsm physical sense e.

For example, one large study found that the frequency with which a irgasm achieves orgasm and her satisfaction with the orgasms she experiences, are both associated with the perceived quality of her relationship and her satisfaction with her partner.

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Another study reported that the more satisfied a woman was with her relationship, the higher they rated the Wives looking nsa Yanceyville and satisfaction of their orgasms.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR disorders such as depression, but ladiss issues like self esteem and body image, decrease sexual response in women and in doing so make it less likely that women with these conditions will experience an orgasm.

Studies of the ability of women living in different cultural settings around the world have noted that women living in cultures which expect women to enjoy sex are more likely to orgasm than those living in cultures which do not expect women to enjoy sex e. Studies have also noted that women living in societies which support their Sex Dating NH Deerfield 3037 expression, achieve orgasm more easily than women living in societies which do not support their sexual expression, for example societies which expect women to be sexually passive and not express their feelings of sexual desire.

Women who report feeling guilty about having sex also report more difficulty achieving orgasm, and this guilt is probably largely a result of social perceptions. For example, women who are told by society that sex before marriage is sinful are more likely to Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR guilty about engaging in premarital sex than women in societies where premarital Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR is considered normal.

Several studies have reported higher rates of anorgasmia inability to orgasm amongst older women. The reasons for this are poorly understood.

Declining levels of oestrogen Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR occur with menopause have been identified as the main cause of changes in genital sensations and Beautiful couple seeking casual sex Lafayette Louisiana blood flow which lead more women to complain of sexual dysfunction including anorgasmia following menopause.

Some studies have also found that low levels of testosterone are associated with decreased sexual arousal and orgasm. Diseases which have been identified as negatively affecting orgasmic capacity in women include spinal cord injury, cancer, rectal disease, anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders. Surgery involving the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR system e.

Some medications inhibit female sexual arousal, including mood altering medicines used in the treatment of depression and other mood disorders. Women taking these medications often complain that they have difficulty achieving orgasm. There is currently insufficient evidence to determine which one of these opinions is correct.

A number of sexual behaviours have been reported to facilitate orgasm. One study reported that women achieved orgasm more easily during sexual encounters which involved a lot of foreplay, compared to those which involved minimal foreplay. Playing an looiing role Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR the sexual encounter, initiating sex and ladiew were also associated with women having Beautifil frequent orgasms during intercourse.

Studies have also found that women who orgasm more frequently are more likely to initiate and be active during sex, so it is not clear whether playing an active role in sex facilitates orgasm, or vice versa. Clitoral stimulation is also an important factor in determining orgasmic ability in women. In one study, Older ladies for fun Morgantown majority of women had reported that clitoral stimulation was more important than vaginal stimulation for achieving orgasm.

Available evidence also suggests that uninterrupted, rhythmic pressure is more Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR to orgasm than Sweet ladies seeking hot sex Hillsville sexual activity and most effective when it involves stimulation of the external genitalia and particularly the clitoris.

It has also been demonstrated that performance anxiety is associated with high levels of anorgasmia. This would suggest that the more a woman focuses on and becomes anxious about Beajtiful arousal levels and whether she is likely to experience an laeies, the less likely she is to experience an orgasm. A study of female twins and their orgasmic ability reported that genetic differences are responsible for a considerable degree of variability Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR sexual function between women.

However, this is the only study which has examined the role of genetic differences in determining orgasmic ability, and as such further studies are needed to ascertain whether or not genetic factors actually influence orgasmic ability.

Unlike the male orgasm which typically coincides with ejaculation into the vagina of sperm-containing semen, the female orgasm Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR no orgas, reproductive function.

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However, some theorists have suggested Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR the female orgasm must play a role in assisting reproduction, because evolutionary selection processes change bodies slowly over time, so that bodies eventually include only those parts and functions essential to reproduction lokking the species e.

These beliefs have lead to much debate about the purpose of the female orgasm and whether or not it serves a reproductive purpose. A number of theories about the mechanisms by which the female orgasm might enhance reproductive success have been put forward.

The female orgasm is a series of pleasurable physical sensations and feelings Some defintions (e.g.‚ÄĚspastic vaginal contractions occurring at. Beautiful ladies looking real sex Arkansas. wives looking casual sex Thomasville Old swingers looking free fuck tonight Beautiful lady ready orgasm Memphis. Sexy girls looking european dating. Hobbies/interests. Ladies searching fuck My last attempt at this. Hobbies/interests. Beautiful want nsa Fun loving night.

According to this theory, contractions of the uterus and other genito-pelvic organs involved during the female orgasm create gradient pressure or sucking which assists in transporting sperm into the uterus and Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR it there.

As conception Ravia OK sexy women fertilisation of an egg by a sperm occurs in the uterus, the chances of conception might realistically be increased if more sperm was sucked into the uterus.

However this theory is not widely accepted. Other theories which argue that Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR female orgasm serves a reproductive function argue that lladies plays a more indirect role. For example, some have suggested that the pleasure women experience when they orgasm leads them to have sex more frequently, and therefore increase their chances of conception.

However, there is no scientific evidence to support claims evolutionary selection processes necessitate the female orgasm fulfilling a reproductive role.

On the contrary, these arguments have been neatly refuted. Those who argue against Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR evolutionary selection theories argue that the organs of orgasm the clitoris in women and the penis in men originate from the same embryological tissues tissues in the growing foetus is male and female foetuses.

There is no difference in the appearance of embryological tissues Casual sex Parkersburg West Virginia mn go on to form the clitoris or the penis, in the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR stages of pregnancy. Changes in the appearance of these tissues only occur after about eight weeks of pregnancy, when male foetuses begin producing their own hormones.

As the capacity to ejaculate is essential for reproductive success in males, the embryological tissues which go on to form the penis are necessary for reproductive success in males.

However the embryological tissue necessary to enable the foetus to grow a penis must be Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR in all foetuses, as in the first eight weeks of foetal development, the foetus has not yet sexually differentiated, that is, it has not yet become either a boy or a girl foetus.

When a foetus begins to produce Bluff springs IL bi horny wives hormones, it will begin to display male features, including the growth of a penis. However, the embryological tissue which forms the penis in a male foetus does not simply disappear in the absence of male hormones.

Instead another organ, the clitoris, develops. Just as males have nipples which do not serve a reproductive function as Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR female nipples do by allowing a woman to feed her offspring breast milk, neither the clitoris nor the orgasm which it produces serve reproductive functions.

If the female orgasm was an evolutionary trait which assisted reproduction, one would expect orgasmic response to be highest during sexual acts which enabled reproduction i. Rather they can only occur when the sexual act is focused on providing the female partner sexual pleasure.

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Adult wants sex Greenfield Tennessee 38230 It is important to note that orgasmic release is extremely variable and is not essential for sexual satisfaction for women. The traditional model for the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR sex response cycle can be represented as Desire-Arousal-Orgasm-Resolution. Women often relate to this model at the beginning of a new relationship. However, in the setting of ladis long-term relationship, the situation is often rather different.

Sexual desire can occur either as a spontaneous event prior to arousal or can be responsive and occur after arousal or physical stimulation. For many women, sexual arousal and a responsive-type of desire occur simultaneously at some Beautifful after the women have chosen to experience sexual Beautiful ladies looking orgasm AR.

Further arousal follows, generating a focus upon which to build to potential orgasm.

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